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Canada Appoints Nigerian, Oduntan, As Business Ambassador



Oduntan in Canada

Mr. Akinade Oduntan, a Nigerian Canadian, has been appointed as the Mayor of Brampton Business Ambassador, bringing his wealth of experience and dedication to fostering economic growth and community engagement in Brampton, Canada.

As a Special Assistant and Advisor to a Member of Parliament in the Canadian Parliament, Oduntan has demonstrated his commitment to public service and advocacy, particularly within the Black Canadian community.

His appointment, ratified by Mayor Patrick Brown, underscores his reputation as a respected leader and advocate for diverse communities. In his new role, Oduntan will leverage his extensive network and expertise to attract investors and businesses to Brampton from African countries. Additionally, he will serve as a key spokesperson, promoting Brampton as an ideal destination for international investment and collaboration.

With a background in pharmacology and physiology from the University of Lagos, Oduntan pursued further education in Canada, completing a Post-Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology. This blend of academic rigor and practical experience positions him as a dynamic and versatile leader capable of navigating complex challenges and opportunities.

Throughout his career, Oduntan has been actively involved in community organizations and professional groups, both in Canada and abroad. He serves as a member of the Mayor’s Advisory Committee, representing the Black community, and contributes insights and perspectives to the Brampton Transit Advisory Committee. Furthermore, his involvement in the Peel Police Chief’s Resource Council underscores his commitment to public safety and community well-being.

Recognized for his outstanding contributions, Oduntan has received accolades such as the “Men of Excellence and Quality Men in Politics” award from various organizations in Canada. His dedication to excellence and integrity has earned him the trust and respect of colleagues and constituents alike.

As the Principal Consultant and CEO of Dattab Global International in Nigeria, Oduntan brings over 30 years of leadership experience to his new role. With a focus on health and safety management, he has provided consultancy services to multinational companies, demonstrating his ability to navigate complex regulatory environments and deliver tangible results.

In accepting his appointment, Oduntan expressed his enthusiasm for strengthening bilateral business relationships between Nigeria and Canada. He emphasized the importance of fostering inter-racial relationships and promoting economic growth that benefits all members of the community.

Overall, Mr. Akinade Oduntan’s appointment as the Mayor’s Brampton Business Ambassador represents a significant milestone in his career and a testament to his dedication to public service and community development. His leadership will undoubtedly contribute to Brampton’s continued success as a vibrant and inclusive city.

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