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Leading Nigerian Actress Under Pressure To Reveal ‘Secret’ Plans Tinubu Shared With Her



Toyin Abraham on Tinubu

Star actress, Toyin Abraham has been taken to task over her ringing endorsement that President Bola Tinubu has a blueprint to solve the problems of Nigeria. reports that Toyin Abraham is under scrutiny in the face of economic turmoil, characterized by skyrocketing prices and financial challenges in Nigeria following her earlier claims that Tinubu had a prescription to the country’s problems.

The online community around Nigeria is demanding transparency and accountability, urging Toyin Abraham to clarify the visions, ideas, and strategies shared by President Tinubu during their interactions.

The uproar stems from a post shared by Toyin Abraham on her X handle (formerly known as Twitter), where she expressed her optimism and renewed hope after meeting Tinubu for the first time before his inauguration.

In her post, Toyin Abraham wrote, “For the first time, I met the incoming President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and he shared some of his ideas, visions, and strategies to solve the challenges before us as a nation. Listening to him indeed renewed my hope and reaffirmed why he is my choice.”

However, with the current economic hardships facing Nigerians, Abraham’s endorsement has been met with skepticism and criticism. Many netizens question the feasibility and effectiveness of Tinubu’s proposed solutions, considering the dire state of the nation’s economy. The disparity between the promised visions and the harsh reality in Nigeria has fueled public outrage and demands for accountability from Abraham.

As the public outcry intensifies, Abraham faces mounting pressure to address the concerns raised by Nigerians regarding her support for Tinubu. Social media platforms are abuzz with debates and discussions about the implications of celebrity endorsements in politics and the responsibility that comes with using one’s platform to influence public opinion.

In the midst of the controversy, Abraham’s credibility and reputation as a public figure in Nigeria are being scrutinized. Some argue that celebrities have a duty to conduct thorough research and critically evaluate political candidates before publicly endorsing them, while others defend Abraham’s right to express her political beliefs and support her chosen candidate.

The unfolding saga highlights the intersection of celebrity influence, political discourse, and public accountability in Nigeria’s dynamic socio-political landscape. As Abraham grapples with the fallout from her endorsement, the broader implications for celebrity involvement in politics and the role of social media in shaping public opinion continue to be debated across the country.

See some reactions below:

@Allezamani: I’m Still waiting for Toyin Abraham to come and explain to us the ideas Tinubu shared with her during elections campaign.

@Elkrosmediahu: My contribution to the Nigerian economy is skipping past any Toyin Abraham movie on Netflix or Amazon prime.

She should go and use the plans Tinubu shared with her to watch them.

@_bukason: That one? 😂🤣

Crazy thing is she singlehandedly created this mess for herself.

1 or 2 years give or take, nobody will care about her and her craft anymore

@Okonkwomira: I have never seen any of her movies since after the election and I intend to keep it that way, moreover the ppl that has seen has always confirmed I’m not missing anything

@EliteQueenJ: I’m so committed to doing this. Please oh my favorite producer Aunty


  mama please don’t use Madam Toyin Abraham in your movies. I don’t think I’m ready to boycott your movies yet. Thanks ma.

@femi777pablo: Lol… since una don dey skip her film she has been starving. Dey play. She has been living fine and making more money than ever before. You can’t deny her talent.

@AaJessehalliday: It is very difficult to defend failure, It took Tinubu less than 1 year to destroy the Nigerian Economy – Isah Abubakar

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