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How Killing Of ‘Good Samaritan’ Triggered Hausa Yoruba Clash In Lagos



Hausa and Yoruba

Tragedy struck at the heart of Lagos, Nigeria’s bustling commercial hub, as Oluwole Market in Ogba, within the Ojodu Local Council Development Area, became the scene of a harrowing ethnic clash between Yoruba and Hausa traders.

The market, renowned for its vibrant trade and diverse community, descended into chaos, disrupting commercial activities and plunging the area into palpable tension shadowing the clash between the Hausa and Yoruba traders.

The clash erupted when Abbey, a Yoruba man, intervened in a dispute between Hausa traders late Thursday night. Sadly, Abbey was fatally stabbed by an unidentified assailant, succumbing to his injuries.

Abbey’s death unleashed a wave of violence as members of the Yoruba and Hausa communities engaged in retaliatory attacks, escalating the discord and resulting in the destruction of property, particularly food items predominantly sold by Hausa traders, like peppers and onions.

Witnesses recounted how the market ground to a halt on Friday as the traders, including residents found themselves caught in the crossfire of the ensuing clash. In response, the police swiftly intervened, dispatching patrol vans to restore order amid the turmoil.

This tragic incident serves as a sobering reminder of the delicate peace within Nigeria’s ethnically diverse urban landscapes, where simmering tensions can erupt into violence with devastating repercussions. The clash at Oluwole Market underscores the persistent challenges of inter-ethnic conflicts that afflict Lagos and other regions of Nigeria, underscoring the deep-seated divisions and grievances among various ethnic groups.
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