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Betty Akeredolu Smashes Twitter With Controversial Tribute To Late Husband




Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, the spouse of the late Rotimi Akeredolu, former governor of Ondo State, Nigeria, has drawn attention for her heartfelt tribute to her husband, evoking a wave of emotions across online platforms.

Betty Akeredolu recognized as a Nigerian aquaculturist and a fervent advocate for feminism and gender equality, held the position of First Lady of Ondo State from 2017 until her husband’s demise in 2023.

In her tribute, she expressed profound sorrow over the loss of her husband, conveying the depth of her grief and the immense void left by his departure. She candidly acknowledged the challenges she now faces alone, lamenting how she must confront various obstacles without his presence.

Rotimi Akeredolu passed away on December 27, at the age of 67, while undergoing medical treatment for leukemia and prostate cancer at a hospital in Germany.

His passing not only marked the end of his tenure as governor but also symbolized the conclusion of a chapter deeply intertwined with Betty’s activism and dedication to public service.

The couple’s relationship was characterized not only by their public roles but also by their personal connection. In an interview, Betty disclosed that she was three years older than her husband, revealing an interesting aspect of their partnership that added depth to their bond.
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