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Father Missing As Mentally Challenged Lady Gives Birth In Ughelli Market (Video)



A heartwarming scene unfolded at a market in Ughelli, Delta State, as a mentally challenged woman gave birth to a healthy baby. Video footage capturing the incident quickly circulated on social media, capturing the attention and admiration of viewers across the country.

In the midst of the bustling Ughelli market, a group of compassionate market women rallied together to assist the mentally challenged woman as she gave birth.

With empathy and solidarity, they provided support and comfort to the woman as she brought her baby into the world amidst the chaos of the marketplace.

Watch the video below;

While the gender of the newborn was not disclosed, the market women swiftly came to the mother’s aid, wrapping the baby in a cloth and extending their heartfelt congratulations to the exhausted but relieved Ughelli based mother after the birth. The touching display of community support by the Ughelli women and solidarity served as a poignant reminder of the power of compassion and humanity in the face of adversity as it resonated during child birth in the market.

Read some comments gathered from social media users:

cenchihairfactory said: “SOME MEN EEEE DOUGLASS 😢”

thecuteanita16 stated: “The baby dey vex o”

sweet.china14 said: “Congratulations to her but na who dey give them bella self 😢😢”

quinalexandrya said: “Eyah I pray she heals afterwards and is properly taken care of 🥰 God works in mysterious ways 🙏”

dyromzcakes said: “Ko ni nira funmi👏If a mad woman with no doctor inspections can give birth fine…Mine won’t be difficult in Jesus Name…Atumi lara👏
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