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Hardship: Anti-NLC Protest Rocks Abuja Over Planned Strike




Thousands of Nigerian youths, organized under the Nigeria Civil Society Forum (NCSF), took to the streets of Abuja in protest against the proposed warning strike by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC). The demonstration aimed to express solidarity with President Bola Tinubu and his administration while denouncing the call for nationwide protests against economic challenges.

Carrying placards with anti-NLC messages, the youths emphasized that President Tinubu needed time to address the country’s issues and

implement his policies effectively. Comrade Sunday Attah, co-convener of the forum, emphasized that plunging the country into anarchy through protests was unwarranted, especially considering the relatively short time since President Tinubu assumed office. He urged patience and support for the president’s efforts, likening the situation to a pregnancy that requires time before delivery.

Attah criticized the NLC’s approach, accusing them of seeking sympathy from Nigerians while negotiating behind the scenes. He highlighted the positive impact of President Tinubu’s reforms, citing increased allocations to states that facilitated timely salary payments. Comrade Terrence Kuanum, convener of the CSO forum, echoed Attah’s sentiments, urging union leaders to return to the negotiating table with the government within 24 hours to find constructive solutions.

Kuanum emphasized the need to avoid sabotaging the system and called for patriotism in addressing the country’s challenges. He argued that strikes would not solve the underlying issues and urged Nigerians to reject any decision taken by the NLC and TUC if they proceeded with the protest. Kuanum stressed the importance of working together to resolve problems for the benefit of future generations.

Overall, the protest reflected the concerns of Nigerian youths about the potential impact of strikes on the country’s stability and development. They called for dialogue and cooperation to address socio-economic challenges effectively.

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