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Why Seyi, Yinka Tinubu Were Included In Presidential Visit To Qatar – Presidency



Presidency defends Tinubu Sons on Qatar trip

The presidency has defended the decision to include the sons of the president, Seyi and Yinka Tinubu in the presidential delegation on the state visit to Qatar.

The defence came upon outrage from the public in the wake of the administration’s assertions on reducing the cost of governance. reports that President Tinubu will visit Qatar for a business and investment meeting scheduled for March 2 and 3, 2024 and is being accompanied by a 38 man delegation including his sons, Seyi and Yinka.

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The President’s decision to include Seyi and Yinka on the state visit to Qatar sparked criticisms across diverse social media platforms on Tuesday.

Reacting in a post via his official X handle on Tuesday, on why Seyi Tinubu is going to Qatar, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Digital/New Media, O’tega Ogra, said the President’s decision was not a new thing and not uncommon.

Ogra said that some world leaders take their children on state visits to educate them about world affairs and different cultures, and to maintain a semblance of family life, despite the demands of public office.

The presidential aide, therefore, asked Nigerians to stop majoring in minor things and focus on relevant issues.

“It is not uncommon for children of world leaders to accompany their parents on foreign trips. In fact, it is the norm. Canadian PM Trudeau is known to travel with his family on official trips abroad. Same with UK PMs – even if somewhat muted.

“From the public image and diplomacy angle, bringing family members can soften a leader’s public image and aid in diplomatic relations by showcasing a relatable, family-oriented side, he Ogra said.

He further added, “For some leaders, taking their children on such trips is a way of educating them about world affairs and different cultures. Others do it to maintain some semblance of family life, despite the demands of public office, and for security considerations.

“The Obamas, Clintons, Bushs, Trumps and others went on tons of foreign trips whilst in office with their families. We really need to stop majoring in minors in the name of castigating everything.” reports that Seyi Tinubu was a visible figure in the father’s campaign and the visit to Qatar is coming along with the controversy that has shaded his presence in the public space.

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