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Why Igbo Are Avoiding Anti-Tinubu Protests Despite Hardship



SPDI on why

Igbo leaders under the aegis of the South East Development Peace Initiative (SPDI) have made a firm decision against joining protests targeting President Bola Tinubu despite the biting hardship in the land.

Led by Hon. Vitus Okechi, the SPDI while taking a decision on the protests against President Tinubu emphasized the hardship endured by Ndigbo over time.

They recalled past injustices and feared potential consequences of participating in protests. The SPDI expressed a desire to shield the Igbo community from harm and prioritize long-term stability.

Their stance stems from a deep understanding of the historical and contemporary challenges faced by the Igbo people. Okechi, who also serves as a Local Government Chairman in Enugu State, highlighted the resilience displayed by the Igbo community amid decades of adversity. He pointed out the aftermath of the civil war, economic policies negatively impacting Igbo livelihoods, and systemic marginalization in political representation and federal appointments.

The SPDI’s decision reflects not only past grievances but also concerns about ongoing issues affecting the Igbo community. They cited the disproportionate impact of recent events, such as the “Sit-at-home” orders due to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s incarceration, and the lack of equitable federal representation. These challenges underscore the belief that current economic hardships are part of a broader continuum of struggles faced by the Igbo people.

Moreover, the SPDI’s position is strategic, aiming to safeguard Igbo interests amidst political and economic uncertainties in the face of the protests against Tinubu.

They have thus resolved to prioritize the well-being of the Igbo community and seek to avoid any potential backlash from protest participation. By refraining from joining protests against Tinubu, the SPDI hopes to protect the Igbo community from harm and promote stability in the region. Their decision reflects a commitment to navigating challenges with caution and foresight, ensuring the long-term prosperity and security of the Igbo people.

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