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‘Congrats On Your Shameless Marriage, May You End Up In The Bosom Of The Devil,’ Drama As Woman Curses Ex-Boyfriend’s Wedding (Photos)



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A woman named Florence Sudar Clement caused a stir on social media as she unleashed a barrage of curses on her ex-boyfriend after he posted pre-wedding photos, tagging her in them, despite their tumultuous past.

The online drama unfolded when photos of the ex-boyfriend’s upcoming wedding surfaced, prompting Florence to publicly express her resentment and anger towards him. Their relationship had reportedly ended on a sour note, with rumors circulating that Florence had financially supported her ex-boyfriend’s business endeavors, only to be betrayed when he engaged another woman.

In a scathing post, Florence Clement did not hold back as she wished her ex-boyfriend misery and grief in his marriage, rather than the happiness and bliss traditionally associated with weddings. Her words, laden with bitterness and resentment, reverberated across social media platforms, drawing both shock and condemnation from netizens.

“Congratulations on your shameless and useless marriage,” Florence wrote, expressing her disdain for her ex-boyfriend’s union. “May your marriage taste the 5 rules of grief, May God punish you for the rest of your life, from my heart I wish you nothing but pain till you rest in the bosom of the devil.”

As netizens weighed in on the controversy, the bold and unapologetic stance of Florence Clement towards her former boyfriend continued to capture attention.

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