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Regina Daniels Laughs It Off As She Is Partly Undressed In The Market (Video)



Regina Daniels new wife

Nollywood sensation Regina Daniels was undressed of her hijab after dressing up fully in hijab so that she could go through the market incognito in what appeared to be a market in Abuja.

However, enthusiastic fans who saw her quickly descended Regina Daniels and undressed her of her hijab as they passionately thronged her to show adoration of the former teenage Nollywood star turned woman and wife.

Taking to Instagram, the actress shared a video documenting her excursion to the market, where she had hoped to blend in unnoticed. Opting for a hijab to conceal her identity, Regina Daniels aimed to navigate the market inconspicuously.

However, her efforts were thwarted as enthusiastic admirers quickly identified her and swarmed around her, prompting them to remove her veil and expose her identity. Despite the unexpected events, Daniels admitted to enjoying the interaction and even indulged in taking photos with her delighted fans.

In a lighthearted caption accompanying the video, the billionaire’s wife recounted her experience, expressing amusement at the unexpected recognition and subsequent impromptu photo sessions. Additionally, Daniels extended heartfelt wishes to her Muslim followers, blessing them with a joyous Ramadan season.

Watch the video below;

The video shared by Regina Daniels offers a glimpse into the bustling energy of the market encounter, showcasing the actress’s ability to connect with her fans even in everyday settings even while in hijab.
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