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Reactions As Son Takes Shocking Position In War Between El-Rufai And Uba Sani



Bello El-Rufai warned by Kaduna House of Assembly

Praise was being poured on Bello El-Rufai, son of the immediate past governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai after he came out in a neutral position in the reported war between his father and the incumbent governor of the state, Senator Uba Sani. reports that the bubble between the two burst after Governor Sani exclaimed what he alleged as a mountain of debt inherited from El-Rufai that has been a major constraint on him.

His assertion at a town hall meeting on Saturday was immediately met with a response from Bashir El-Rufai another son of the former governor who described the incumbent governor as running an incompetent administration and also spending most of his time in Abuja.

However, taking a different path from his brother, Bello El-Rufai, a member of the House of Representatives pledged not to further cause any division between Governor Sani who he hailed as his mentor and his father.

He spoke in Hausa to stakeholders at a function.

He said

“So long as I am alive, I will never allow mischief makers to precipitate a crisis between my father, Mal. Nasir Elrufai and my mentor Governor Uba Sani,” Bello El-Rufai was quoted as saying.

While so many praised him over his position, there were others who put him to task over his father’s administration and past political proclivities. gathered some of the reactions.

Major General Bright® Brightamy4lyf

you are indeed very matured politically! both men are precious to you. i just hope your kid brother will subtle his venom for this tsunami will surely calm and both men will be on the same table.

SOLOCK OGBONNA @Chinaemere23421

Hon, El-Rufai, nobody is precipitating, engineering or masterminding any crisis between your Papa& your Gov.

We’re sure the gov is likely overwhelmed by quantum of debts your Papa piled for the state. How does he pay?

Now, Gov Uba can’t even pay workers.

Easmael @Easmaeel_

But your brother Bashir is the Chief mischief maker

Fake_Activist🔴 @sadsambo

The blunt truth is, elrufai is already a BIG threat to APC – they did him bad & they know he knows But will the current governor take that risk of choosing to side with this junior elrufai in defending his father, from likely political attacks, than to the dictates of his party?

Tech Business Limited @TechBusine54358

Bello is another kind of El Rufai breed. The guy is a universe apart from his angry brother.

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