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Man Publishes Names, Phone Numbers Of 20 Men Who Allegedly Slept With His Wife



Ambau Gitonga, a Kenyan school teacher, has made a candid revelation about his past actions, describing himself as an “idiotic husband” in the wake of a tumultuous relationship with his ex-wife, Linah Rukia Kanake.

His admission comes a year after he publicly accused Kanake of engaging in extramarital affairs.

Last April, Gitonga stirred controversy by publishing a list of 20 men whom he claimed had been involved with his ex-wife. Among the accused was a Catholic priest, adding to the sensational nature of the accusations. Prior to releasing the list, Gitonga had shared incriminating screenshots and evidence to support his claims, fueling speculation and gossip.

In a recent Facebook post on Sunday, April 7, 2024, Ambau Gitonga reflected on the events of the past year, acknowledging the toll it had taken on him. Despite enduring challenges such as poisoning, police harassment, and public scrutiny, he remained resilient.

In a candid and introspective tone, Ambau Gitonga expressed regret for his past actions, admitting that his benevolence and tolerance had been taken advantage of, leading him to feel like an “idiot.” He emphasized that his statements were based on diligent observation and logical reasoning, rather than malice or hatred.

Ambau Gitonga addressed his ex-wife directly, questioning her actions and expressing disappointment in her choices. He highlighted the irony of her past indiscretions while now seeking to move forward without him.

See his post below;

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