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“If You Sell Your Brother No One Will Ever Trust You,” Nigerians Recount Shaibu’s ‘Betrayal’ Of Oshiomhole



Shaibu complaint Chief Judge

The impeached deputy governor of Edo State, Mr Philip Shaibu has found himself in the spotlight with criticism coming his way over his past relationships with his former benefactor, Senator Adams Oshiomhole.

Commenters are not holding back, pointing out Shaibu’s past political alliances and decisions that may have led to his current predicament.

Some are quick to remind him of his association with Governor Obaseki and his fallout with Adams Oshiomole, emphasizing the concept and the consequences of betraying trust. One commenter remarked, “@correct467: Man up and accept your fate as it was your decision to support Obaseki and ditch Oshiomole. Moral lesson is that we should be wise in everything we do.”

Others echoed similar sentiments, suggesting that Shaibu is now facing the repercussions of his past actions. Another comment reads, “@AdebowaleShogb3: What goes around comes around. You’re in that Government when Obaseki rules as a Governor, without the majority of the House of Assembly, and you are comfortable with. Same you fought your Mentor Publicly and embarrassed Oshiomole while doing this you’re happy, forgetting that Obaseki’s own dey wait am for front.”

The comment section is ablaze with criticisms, suggesting that Philip Shaibu is now reaping what he sowed, and the backlash against him shows no signs of slowing down over his assertions against Oshiomhole. Some commenters expressed a sense of poetic justice, emphasizing the importance of integrity and loyalty in politics. As one commenter puts it, “@Quazim11: If you sell your brother, the buyer will never trust you. Enjoy your impeachment.”

In the face of mounting criticism and public scrutiny, Mr. Philip Shaibu’s response to his impeachment continues to fuel heated discussions and debates online.

See more reactions below:

@Kingfex12: You betrayed your brother for Obaseki. Now it’s your turn to take from the bitter pills you and Obaseki gave Oshiomole. My people do not get involved in politicians war, do not die in their war. They will always be friends later when their interests aligns.

@Tommycharzy43: There is no rule of law in Nigeria, those who possess a higher hegemony make decisions without looking backward.

Was it legal when your government with the same Obaseki fought dirty with Oshiomole?

@Osaze_07: Why r you desperate to remain in a govt that doesn’t want you? When you and Obaseki ran the state with less than one 5th of the elected assembly, was that a legitimate means of suppressing opposition? You betrayed your Oga for new friends, see now.. Why we? Na only u stand o 🙄

@Austine_AAA: This is what you politicians, you guys always forget tomorrow. When you join Detector Obaseki to fight OshoBaba, now reverse is the case. Let’s always put Edo State 1st

@mirafxacademy: Betrayer!! You got what you deserved, it is your cross alone please  bear it. This is the end of your political career, go back to your village, I remember how you and your Obasaki guy humiliated Adams, you betrayed your origin. You are on your own sir, stand alone please

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