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Divorce: Court Bars Wife Who Stripped Pastor In Public From Coming Near Him



Divorce Petition

An Ibadan Customary Court has granted the prayer for divorce by Pastor David Odeniyi from his wife, Bolanle, citing disturbing allegations of domestic violence and public humiliation.

The Pastor, a resident of Basorun, Ibadan, brought his case before the Mapo Grade ‘A’ Customary Court, detailing a pattern of physical abuse and emotional distress inflicted by his wife.

According to Pastor Odeniyi, Bolanle subjected him to physical attacks, including an incident where she stripped him naked during a church service, causing a scene among the congregation. He also alleged that she abandoned him and their child, traveling to Libya without his consent and remaining outside Nigeria for two years.

Despite previous attempts at reconciliation through legal channels, Pastor Odeniyi was forced to revisit the court due to Bolanle’s failure to amend her behavior. During the proceedings, Bolanle was noticeably absent when called to defend herself against the allegations, further complicating the matter.

Describing the anguish he endured, Pastor Odeniyi stated, “She pulls and drags my trousers to disgrace me. Had I known my wife would treat me like this, I would never have married her.”

Presiding over the case, the court’s President, Mrs. S.M. Akintayo, acknowledged the gravity of the allegations and granted Odeniyi’s request for a divorce. Additionally, the court issued a restraining order against Bolanle, prohibiting her from further harassment or interference in her estranged husband’s private life.
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