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Open Letter To President Tinubu Over Perceived Political Witch-Hunt Of Yahaya Bello

By Danjuma Askira



yahaya Bello

On the 27th day of January 2024, Yahaya Adoza Bello handed over to Ahmed Usman Ododo as Governor of Kogi State.

Few days to the said handover date, rumors were spreading that EFCC was planning to arrest and or invite Governor Bello over some alleged corruption or fraud that had to do with the notorious 20 billion bailout fund, diversion of N80b Local Government or security funds; etc.

Rumors were also circulating that the Chairman of EFCC sent text messages inviting the former Governor, but no indication or evidence of an invitation letter delivered to Alh Yahaya Bello.

Curiously, on the 5th day of February 2024, and to confirm some of the rumors, EFCC filed an amended charge, wherein the name of Alh Yahaya Bells was included in the charge; though not as a party, but was accused of misappropriating about 80billion Naira sometime in 2015,when he was not Governor of Kogi State.

One wonders how possible this could have happened, which gave credence to the notion that EFCC was on political  witch-hunt.

Strangely, while the controversy on the 2015 was raging, EFCC in her desperate attempt, that further exposed her as an agency on a hatchet mission, and as an afterthought, filed another Charge against Yahaya Adoza Bello at another FHC; wherein the 2015 date was changed to February 2016. The question still begging for answer is; how possible for a regime that was sworn in on the 27th day of January 2016 misappropriated or laundered about 80 billion Naira in February 2016, when the budget of Kogi State for the year 2016 was not near 80billion Naira???

It is indeed ridiculous, a mockery of any  so called anti-corruption fight, and an embarrassment to Nigeria. This appears to give credence to the belief that EFCC is clearly working outside her mandate( if any) and only out for persecution, witch-hunt, and other primordial, political agendas.

Ironically, Yahaya Bello’s administration was adjudged the best administration in the history of Kogi State. It was also believed that despite the meager resources available to the state, it was optimally utilized to address the issues of security, infrastructure, education, health, etc, to the extent that the government received accolades from the World Bank, other international organizations, and even the Country’s National Intelligence Agency ( NIA ).

My investigation on this issue revealed that Kogi State Government had sued the EFCC over wrongful accusation regarding the said 20billion Naira bailout fund, and the Court had restrained the EFCC from taking any action pertaining to Kogi State or anyone connected thereto on matters concerning Kogi State.

Similarly, Kogi State had at the Supreme Court challenged the constitutionality of the Law establishing EFCC, inter alia

The two suits are pending.

In a constitutional democracy, where Law and Order prevail, and there is respect for due process, should or can EFCC take those steps; to wit: filing trumped-up Charges in the midst of pending suits, and attendant orders? The answer is NO, as such steps or any such actions pertaining to Kogi State will amount to contempt of court.

I learnt that the former chairman of EFCC was convicted of contempt in respect of one of the said suit pending in Kogi State.

The essence of this letter is to draw Mr. President’s attention to the unfortunate events and to call the EFCC to order.

I was not an admirer or supporter of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu; as a Presidential candidate of APC, but when I saw Alh Yahaya Bello endorse him, and transfer all his political structures to him after the party primaries, I also changed my mind and followed Yahaya Bello to support APC. I believe very strongly that many people were in my category.

Therefore, as the Father of the Nation, that had suffered political witch-hunt  in the past, I believe you will not fold your hands and stand by when EFCC appears to be on such mission, especially if it is a mission not rooted in what is right.

I call on your immediate intervention Mr. President.


Danjuma K. Askira

Jalingo, Taraba State

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