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Japa: Harrowing Story From Saudi Arabia (Video)



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Faith Wambui, a Kenyan woman who worked as a maid in Saudi Arabia, has bravely shared her harrowing story of exploitation and abuse at the hands of her employer.

In an exclusive interview with Tuko, Wambui recounted the agonizing challenges she faced, including food and sleep deprivation, manipulation, and ultimately, an unwanted pregnancy.

Wambui’s journey to Saudi Arabia began with hopes of a better future, but upon arrival, she was met with hostility and mistreatment from her employer. She was denied adequate food and rest, trapped between her dire situation and the needs of her family back home.

Her employer’s brother exploited her vulnerabilities, offering food and money in exchange for silence and compliance.

Tragically, Wambui was coerced into an affair with her employer’s brother, resulting in an unwanted pregnancy. Her story exposes the exploitation faced by many migrant workers in foreign countries, highlighting the urgent need for better protection of their rights and well-being.

Watch her speaks in the video below;

Wambui’s courage in sharing her story shines a light on the dark realities of abuse and exploitation, inspiring action to safeguard the dignity and safety of migrant workers worldwide.
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