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Revealed! Why We Revoked Visas Of 177 Nigerians — Saudi Arabia



The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has provided clarification on the revocation of visas for 177 Nigerians who were denied entry into the country upon their arrival in Jeddah aboard an Air Peace plane on Monday.

According to the Saudi government, the affected passengers, out of a total of 264 on the plane, failed to fulfill the entry conditions and requirements as per the Kingdom’s rules and regulations. They had submitted incorrect information to obtain a visa category that didn’t apply to them, a discovery made upon their arrival in Jeddah.

The federal government of Nigeria had earlier announced an investigation into the cancellation of visas for the 177 Air Peace passengers airlifted to Jeddah from Lagos and Kano. Saudi Arabia initially revoked visas for all 264 passengers, insisting that Air Peace should return them to Nigeria. Later, 87 passengers were allowed entry, while 177 were directed to return to Nigeria.

In response to the situation, the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Abuja emphasized that the action was not targeted against Nigerians specifically but applied to citizens of other countries. The embassy highlighted the importance of abiding by established rules and regulations and urged all visitors to the Kingdom to review their documents for conformity before departure.

The Saudi Arabia Embassy in clarifying the revocation of the visas to the Nigerians clarified through a statement that the visa procedure was not limited to Nigerian citizens alone but extended to citizens of other countries as well.

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