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‘I Need 35 Visas To Travel Across Africa’, Dangote Laments (Video)

By Gideon Ayeni



Dangote Firms

African business magnate Aliko Dangote has urged for more streamlined travel processes within the continent, sharing his personal frustrations at the Africa CEO Forum Annual Summit in Kigali, Rwanda.

Dangote expressed his concerns to President Paul Kagame, stating, “As an investor, I have to apply for 35 different visas on my passport, and I told Mr. President, I really don’t have the time to go and be dropping my passports in embassies to get a visa.”

He emphasized the need for more efficient travel processes, citing the example of French passport holders, who enjoy greater mobility across Africa. “If you have a French passport, like Patrick Pouyanne, chairman of Total Energies, you don’t need 35 visas to access African countries. This means you have a freer movement than myself in Africa,” Dangote pointed out.

Watch him speaks in the video below;

Dangote’s call to action highlights the need for more harmonized travel policies across Africa, facilitating easier movement for investors, entrepreneurs, and citizens alike. By streamlining visa processes, Africa can foster greater economic integration, collaboration, and growth.
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