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Controversies Trail Alleged Deportation Of Nigerian YouTuber



Emdee Tamiyu

Controversy has continued to trail the news of the reported deportation of British-based Nigerian Youtuber, Emdee Tiamiyu with some now questioning the authenticity of the reasons behind the reported deportation. reports that news of the reported deportation has been further compounded by the silence of the otherwise assertive Youtuber who became a popular hate figure for many Nigerians after he squealed in a BBC interview that many Nigerians were using the education route in the UK to flee the hardship in Nigeria.

News of the deportation of Emdee Tiamiyu was flashing on Nigerian social media on Tuesday morning with many rejoicing over the fate of the controversial YouTuber.

While many Nigerians took to X to celebrate the deportation of Emdee Tiamiyu, controversy, however stirred when a medical doctor, identified as ‘@OurFavOnline Doc” on X, questioned reasons given for Tiamiyu’s deportation, and dismissed it as a hoax.

But it can not be because of money he was never even given in the first place.”

He added, “Yes we don’t like him. But let’s slow down and press some brakes on the dirty lies.

News of the deportation of Emdee Tiamiyu was flashing on Nigerian social media on Tuesday morning with many rejoicing over the fate of the controversial YouTuber.”

Netizens on X who came across the doctors post quickly jumped into his comment section to share their thoughts in reaction to the doctor’s line of thoughts.

See some of comments as gathered by below:

@Frydey6 said, “Nigerians loves bad news, especially when it happens to someone they hate.”

@Melo… said, “I’m so happy to read this coming from an experienced one living and working in uk. Na why I never put mouth on that emdee issue cos na only bloggers dey post. No main stream news have ever said anything on it.”

Global Citizen IJ, Onye Įsi U siad, 

“Nigerians main anger is not the guy, the anger is from the inability to challenge the frustrations of the failed government to the right people.”

@Andrew55614579- said, “Since I have not seen any News from authentic handles, I don’t believe any narratives that flies around.”

@SportyStac said, “The amount is even too ridiculous to start with. If I hear say youkay government give person that kind money, not even to talk of a whistleblower from Nigeria.”

@April11Media said, “Exactly my point since I heard the news. “Asylum seeker” got £160k to do what exactly in the UK? The Asylum seeker must be an angel to get such an amount.”

 @Kaylegend7 said, “I have already said it. Many people are miserable because their minds abhors evil. When you ask them, it’s not even that they want to travel, or even have the wherewithal for such. It just pains them that someone is where they want and hope to be. It’s pathetic out there.”

 @BelloYinka72 said, “There is no credible information indicating that he has been taken into custody or deported. Tiamiyu still made an upload on his YouTube channel 15 hours ago.”

 @Arakunrin_MFR said,.”Upon viewing de video, I immediately became suspicious of the £160K statement made by de lady, who persisted in her deceptive claims that he used the funds 2 buy properties in Nigeria.

“The entire video presents de story as complete fabrication, but it is trending to get likes.”

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