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Nigerians Kick Against N54k Proposed Minimum Wage



Tinubu removes BPP DG

Nigerians have kicked against the N54,000 minimum wage proposed by the federal government to Organised Labour comprising of the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress, on Tuesday.

The federal government’s proposal came after the walkout by the organized Labour during the last meeting with the Tripartite Committee on Minimum Wage after the proposed N48,000 as minimum wage by the Federal Government.

The increment by the federal government met with several claps and knocks in comments sections across social media. See some comments from netizens on social media:

@Blun said, “Isn’t this laughable? How much is a bag of rice? No be 1 chance we don enta so? This wasn’t what we bargained for when we hoped for Buhari’s tenure to come to an end. Poverty index in Nigeria has risen to the highest ever since 1960. You are not doing well, sir!”

 @jaGunSEgun_ said, “Nigerian President Bola Tinubu’s monthly salary of N8,013,527, a 114 percent increase from Buhari’s N3,514,705, and N13.5 million monthly expenses for senators, in addition to their monthly salaries of N750,000, necessitate a 35%, i.e., N615,000, new minimum wage for civil servants, as requested by the labour unions.”

 @Oforma said, “FG proposing N54,000 as new minimum wage that can not buy 50kg bag of rice.”

@active… questioned, “Wait what will this get us, this doesn’t sound reasonable at all, I was even expecting something like 70k at least that will be a little bit fine, not good or better, but it is still something. This government doesn’t value us, and they can pay those senators millions of Naira.”

@spoiltkid asked, “What can N54k do for a family?

@marvelnsa  lamented, “An amount that can’t buy bag of rice.”

idahosa peter, asked, “Can this minimum wage buy milk??”

 @obaino asked, “Is it for garri? Is it for ewa? Is it for agbado?”

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