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Sarah Martins Calls Out Hypocritical Nigerians Over Missing Ladies’ Saga



Nollywood actress Sarah Martins has slammed Nigerians for their double standards in reacting to the story of the missing ladies, Celine and Afiba, who traveled to meet a man they met on Facebook.

The man, Andrew Ochekwo, was later killed while attempting to evade arrest, and a decomposing body was found near his residence, though it’s unclear if it’s any of the missing women.

Sarah Martins took to social media to express her frustration, pointing out that many people, including herself, have met their partners online.

She noted that gospel singer Moses Bliss even met his wife on Instagram, and their online connection blossomed into a physical relationship and eventual marriage.

See her post below;

Sarah condemned the hypocrisy of those who meet their loved ones online but are quick to judge the missing ladies. She emphasized that it’s unfair to bully and shame the women, who likely thought they had met a responsible person. She urged people to focus on condemning online sex trafficking and exploitation rather than genuine online connections.
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