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Man Cuts Relationship With Girlfriend After She Played Witch In School Drama (Video)

By Benjamin Abioye



Girlfriend's witch role relationship

A man has cut off from his girlfriend after she played the role of a witch in her school, Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED). reports that the relationship was two years old at the point the man decided to break off from the girlfriend who played the role of a witch in her departmental drama.

Identified as Adediwura, she shared a video showcasing her performance at the school, sparking extensive reactions across social media platforms.

During a Yoruba awareness day event in her department, Adediwura took on the role of a witch. Dressed in red and black attire, she flawlessly embodied her character, even painting part of her face black and convincingly portraying the mannerisms of a witch.

However, her portrayal did not sit well with her boyfriend, as evidenced by screenshots of their conversations accompanying the video. He expressed discomfort with her character, leading to the decision to end their relationship.

Adediwura shared the video with the caption, “I lost my 2 years relationship because I acted as a witch at my Yoruba awareness day in school,” highlighting the unexpected consequence of her role in the drama.

Watch the girlfriend below:

See some reactions below:

ruffynar_148qomedy: Babe he doesn’t deserve you he deserves a real witch in disguise so move on 😍.

suga_rush_cakes: Werey say I love you but your department love you most 😂😂😂.

Dammy Debby: This guy no love you before 😏him Dey look for your mistake to dismiss you before.

hardeyohlar: I love you but ur department love uu most haha 😂 d guy don craze b4 Nthn uu fit tell me 😂😂😂.

ANIKETULLAH: make i deal with him on behalf of you as our new member.

nadismayana : Una too dey rate somethings at this age where do you want to start from because 2 years relationships end ?.

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