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Nigerian Farmer Threatens to Hike Egg Prices Amidst Minimum Wage Debate

By Gideon Ayeni



boiled egg

A Nigerian farmer has sparked controversy by vowing to increase the price of a crate of eggs to N10,000 if the minimum wage is raised to N105,000. This comes after the federal government proposed a new minimum wage, which was negotiated down from the initial demand of N495,000 by the National Union.

The farmer took to social media to share his concerns, stating that the increased labor costs would force him to hike prices. “Increase salary to N105,000, expect me to sell a crate of eggs for N10,000. It’s that simple,” he wrote.

In another post, he added, “Nigerians are too emotional to have a rational conversation with. A ton of corn costs N820,000, yet they want N30 eggs and N1,200 chickens while paying staff N105,000. It’s insanity at this point.

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