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Ruby Ojiakor and Jennifer Awele, Widow of Late Actor Junior Pope, Appear To Have Fallen Out



Nollywood actress Ruby Ojiakor and Jennifer Awele, the widow of late actor Junior Pope, have seemingly cut ties following his untimely demise. The two women, who were once close, have stopped following each other on Instagram, hinting at a rift. reports that the reason for their fallout remains undisclosed, but it comes after movie producer Adanma Luke implied that Ruby’s relationship with Junior Pope was more than platonic. Adanma had suggested that Ruby reveal the “whole truth” about her connection to the late actor.

Furthermore, movie producer Stanley Nwoko and actor Dave Ogbeni have made cryptic comments about Junior Pope’s marriage and his struggles before his death. Stanley hinted at having information but chose not to share, while Dave alleged that Junior Pope had confided in him about his marital issues and frustration.

A Twitter user, Papi Jnr, also made a serious allegation against Jennifer Awele.

The circumstances surrounding Junior Pope’s death and the apparent feud between Ruby and Jennifer have sparked speculation and concern among fans and industry insiders.

Read some netizens’ reactions below;

Jane Auslo: Why she no go unfollow am, Ruby’s attitude lately but me pissed off. She even wears white as a widow; what nonsense?

Tina Vicky: Ruby sef u don mourn reach, except there is something there, cause people are beginning to suspect you

Angelus Wholesale Kiddies: JP was a husband and father figure; this death is so painful

@Suzan Sambo Temmy: When you cry more than the bereaved?

Queen Jane847: Abi Ruby was JP’s girlfriend? I just dey ask oo

Kweenchygor30: Is he ur husband? What is all this drama?

Barbiesfy: Ruby and JP obviously had a secret relationship, and Ruby was going to be his next wife if he had stayed alive cause marriage with Jennifer was shaking

Yul Judy 4eva: Adanma Luke don update Jenifer
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