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Stanley Nwoko Shows Strong Support For Ruby Ojiakor As More Speculations Mount Over Junior Pope’s Marriage



Nollywood actor Stanley Nwoko, also known as Stanley Ontop, has publicly declared his support for Ruby Ojiakor, despite the backlash she has faced over her tribute to the late Junior Pope. Ruby has been criticized for her perceived clout chasing and mourning process, but Stanley has promised to stand by her through thick and thin.

On his Instagram page, Stanley expressed his admiration for Ruby’s enthusiasm in helping the less privileged and encouraged her to remain authentic and not live a fake life.

He wrote, “Dear Ruby Ojiakor, you are loved. Keep being real, zero fake life. I admire your enthusiasm towards helping the less privileged. A promise from Ontop, I will stand by you anytime, any day. Be good.”

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Stanley also cautioned Ruby against allowing others to dictate how she should mourn Junior Pope, specifically referencing Adanma Luke’s comments. He stated, “Dear @ruby_ojiakor, no one should tell you how to mourn JP. Please don’t listen to what Ada and that uncivilized character said about you. You’re loved, Fam. I stand with you, Ruby, with my full chest.”

Ruby has faced intense criticism and speculation over her relationship with Junior Pope, with some accusing her of having an intimate relationship with the late actor. Junior Pope’s wife, Jennifer Awele, and Ruby have also unfollowed each other on social media, fueling further speculation.

Stanley Nwoko has urged those questioning him about Junior Pope’s funeral poster, which omitted the term “husband,” to ask the late actor’s brother for clarification. He also shared that Nigerians had previously shut him up when he tried to speak out.

Another actor, Dave Ogbeni, has shared his last encounter with Junior Pope, revealing that the late actor had confided in him about his struggles and desire to share his story with bloggers, but was convinced not to.
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