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Reactions As Shy Nigerian Bride Refuses To Kiss Groom At Wedding Reception



A recent wedding ceremony has taken social media by storm, with a video capturing an awkward moment between the newlyweds. After the preacher blessed their union, the groom attempted to kiss his bride as is customary, but she playfully resisted, sparking a mix of reactions from netizens.

The video shows the bride struggling to comply with the tradition, laughing off the moment while the groom tries to steal a kiss. However, she firmly decides to end it with a hug instead, leaving the groom looking surprised and slightly embarrassed.

Watch the video below;

While some viewers found the moment endearing and relatable, others expressed outrage, calling the bride’s actions “embarrassing” and “disrespectful” to her partner.

As the conversation continues, many are coming to the bride’s defense, praising her for setting boundaries and prioritizing her comfort in a moment that is meant to be a celebration of love and unity. Others, however, urged understanding and respect for individual preferences, even if they differ from traditional expectations.

Reactions as bride refuses to kiss groom at their wedding;

Ishow_leck quizzed: “Why is she laughing FGS? She was actually insulting his husband and laughing. Eww.”

Amy_beke: “Maybe the guy mouth dey smell 😂.”

abazwhyllzz: “Maybe she forgot to brush,the man should understand.”

cutejannygal: “She’s a shy woman. Most women are like that esp seeing their parents, church mentors and village people in the audience.”

floraD_explorer: “This marriage was a mistake. It is not too late for this man to opt out. it is either the person this woman love is definitely in the crowd in attendance. or it is the woman that has money but jus wanted to stage the marriage to make someone in the crowd jealous.
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