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Relationship Expert Blessing CEO Opens Up On Her Failed Relationship, Why Marriages Are Failing (Video)



Blessing CEO Reveals Relationship Status Days After Regaining Freedom

Controversial therapist and socialite, Blessing CEO, recently shared her thoughts on the rising trend of failed marriages on the ‘ThisIsPop’ podcast. She attributed the issue to the spontaneity and lack of thoroughness in modern unions, unlike in the past when families took the time to get to know each other before marriage.

Blessing CEO drew from her personal experiences, revealing that she started dating at 15 and got married at 18, a union that ultimately ended in divorce. She attributed her early start in dating to a lack of parental love and attention, which drove her to seek it elsewhere.

Watch as she speaks in the video below;

She emphasized the importance of thoroughness in relationships, citing the traditional approach of families getting to know each other before marriage as a key factor in building strong foundations. Blessing CEO’s candid sharing has sparked conversations about the state of modern marriages and the need for a more thoughtful approach to relationships.

Blessing CEO’s courage in sharing her unconventional past has inspired others to reflect on their own experiences and approach relationships with a renewed sense of awareness and intentionality.

Read some comments below:

ucheelendu: Very intelligent girl”

tbabypretty: Na y you dey date under aged boy in Unical cheating on Lucky in Ph”

ayzne_: She’s absolutely correct on this one, 95% of marriages these days are because of pregnancy Although there are genuine partners who loves them selves deeply”

flotus_wendy1: She’s saying the honest truth regardless what of how u feel about her”

ndukwu_nwanyinma: There’s alot of sense in she’s saying take the message and don’t mind the messenger”

ebychytooThis Blessing de coordinate sometimes sha. But if she loose for chain, I no de understand her.. She spewed facts here tho”

esperanzaoleh: Blessing is very intelligent
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