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Akpabio Did Not Project Tinubu’s Life Above That Of Ordinary Nigerians – Senate Sources



Senator Godswill Akpabio did not describe the life of President Bola Tinubu above that of ordinary Nigerians close aides of the Senate President have said.

Akpabio was on Saturday quoted as having said that because of the extraordinary life and valuation of Tinubu above that of ordinary Nigerians that the National Assembly would go ahead to buy new jets for the presidential fleet. reports that Akpabio had been severely bashed in the social media over the alleged assertion.

An unverified source had quoted Akpabio as saying thus:

“We know Nigerians are hungry, but that will not stop us to approve private jet for Mr. President.

“His life is more important now than ordinary citizens. We have to do that as fast as possible,” Senate President Akpabio was quoted as having said in considering the life of President Tinubu.

However, the assertion which was shared by an X user did not give the time or occasion where Akpabio was quoted to have made the statement.

While many critics of the Senate President were quick to criticise him with the assertion that he would do anything to please President Bola Tinubu, others including some who claimed to be no friends of the Senate President remained doubtful of the assertion.

They said they could not believe that the President of the Senate would say such a thing. reports that sources in the Senate President’s office have now disclaimed the assertion as fake.

However, his spokesman is yet to come up with a statement on the issue.

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