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Nightclub Demolition: They Say I Am Not Working Cos I Am Not Demolishing – FCT Minister



Against the background of the controversy on the demolition of an Abuja Night Club, FCT Minister, Mohammed Bello has said he has been flayed in some quarters as not working because he had not been known to be demolishing buildings in the federal capital.

Speaking to newsmen at the end of a Federal Executive Council, FEC meeting in Abuja, Bello said the building housing the night club, Caramelo, was demolished upon the established fact that the approval for the building was breached.

“Any transaction you do on land, whether it is lease whether it is hire, or sale it is all governed by rules and regulations.

“You do not sublease or lease out a property meant for a clinic to be converted into a nightclub without getting the right approval. So, it is only a matter of right process. It is not as if buldozers were called to go and demolish, it is not done anywhere, even in the FCT.

The Caramelo Night Club after it was demolished

“I have had cause to discuss with many of your colleagues where they said that this minister has not been demolishing and because he is not demolishing, he is not working. It is due process.

“If you check the records you will see how long it took to reach that painful decision to demolish that property. As a matter of fact all the revelations now is that that property is no longer owned it has reverted to government.

“Check any C of O, it is there if there is a flagrant abuse and there are efforts to correct that abuse and it is not done, it reverts back to government.

“But I want you to be rest assured that for every demolition you see, there are a hundred that are spared. So, everything in Abuja is governed by law.”

Caramelo was one of the nightclubs in Abuja raided by FCT authorities during which some ladies taken away by the security officials were dubbed as prostitutes.

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