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How PDP Can Win Anambra – Obiora Okonkwo



Obiora Okonkwo on how PDP can win Anambra

Dr. Obiora Okonkwo has spelt out factors the will help the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP can win Anambra State in the forthcoming governorship election in the state.

Speaking at a stakeholders’ meeting in Awka on Monday, Okonkwo said that the party must sustain the present unity and enthrone a formidable candidate with the potential of defeating the power of incumbency that the two major opponents present at the federal and state levels.

He said:

“As we are all aware, the battle ahead of us is not just one of winning the party’s ticket to becoming the flag-bearer in the November governorship election. It goes beyond that, and that is why we must find a better understanding and create a unifying front to face the challenges ahead.”

Noting that the PDP can win Anambra, he said:

“This is imperative because our great party, the PDP, which is obviously the darling party of the generality of Anambra people, has been out of power in the state for close to 16 years; and at the centre for more than five years now. It will come to eight years by 2023.”

Giving his idea on the kind of person who can help the party win the governorship after nearly 16 years, Okonkwo said:

“The flag-bearer must be someone that attracts massive support of the generality of the people of our dear state, across all zones. For me, that should be our most potent weapon against the two prevailing powers that we confront. If we get our priorities right, elect a formidable and generally acceptable candidate, eschew factionalisation tendencies, uphold internal democracy and remain a united front, no force in the country will be able to pull us down.”

He further affirmed that the situation on ground had thrown up the PDP as the most desirable party in the country with the potential of redressing the situation and leading the country forward.

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