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Soyinka Has Vindicated Us – Buhari’s Supporters



PDP is a University of Lies

Supporters of Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday lapping up comments by Nigeria’s Nobel Laureate on the Lagos – Ibadan trains service, saying Professor Wole Soyinka has vindicated them on Buhari.

Nonetheless, they also quipped on his refusal to endorse the administration as they said that Buhari would continue to confound critics with good performance.

The supporters under the aegis of the Buhari Media Organisation, BMO said that commendation of the train service from a harsh critic of the government was evident of the success achieved by the government in modernizing the railways.

BMO in a statement signed by its Chairman Niyi Akinsiju and Secretary Cassidy Madueke, while noting that Soyinka has vindicated them, said:

“We invite Nigerians to note that Professor Soyinka is an acerbic critic of every single administration in the country who hardly has any good thing to say about any sitting or past government in Nigeria.

“He has also been in the news taking potshots at the Buhari administration. So for a serial harsh critic to have painted the picture of the Lagos-Ibadan train service the way he did, means that the President is doing far more than his traducers give him credit for.

“We consider the testimony by the Nobel Laureate in the viral interview with Kaftan TV as the biggest third party endorsement of what the government is doing and we make bold to say that it is worth more than what any government official could have said on the project.

“We invite anyone that is still in doubt of the importance of the ‘Buhari Train’ to note how Professor Soyinka explained how he has had to spend up to seven hours on the road from Abeokuta to Lagos, but did the same trip in 90minutes by ‘Buhari Train’.

“It is therefore not surprising that he was truthful enough to describe the service in a flowery term, even though he was quick to switch back to the usual Wole Soyinka mode when he said he would prefer to ‘forget the existence of the Buhari administration’ “, the group noted.

BMO while noting that Soyinka has vindicated them, however, wondered how the Nobel Laureate could conveniently brush aside the existence of the present government after taking a ride in the Lagos-Ibadan train and showering encomiums on it.

“We consider that comment disingenuous, but we acknowledge that it is within his right to prefer not to commend an administration that provided a service that he applauded.

“So our poser for the revered Professor is: how could he pretend to be oblivious of an administration that put in place the exact train service that he was so comfortably seated in and reminisces about his childhood as well as his time abroad?

“We, however, insist that Professor Soyinka’s quip on why it took so long to have what many are exposed to in other countries is the biggest endorsement yet for how President Buhari is changing the country’s infrastructure landscape”.

The group assured Nigerians that President Buhari would continue to confound critics with his single-minded commitment to making the country better than he met it.

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