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Plastic Surgery Nightmare: The Quest For A Perfect Body



Plastic Surgery Nightmare: The Quest For A Perfect Body

The popularity of plastic surgery in Nigeria has risen exponentially in the last few years with many women on a quest for the perfect figure.

In Africa, for centuries, bigger has always been better and the figure 8 shape has proven the ideal shape for women and the men who love them. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with natural curves and some women turn to plastic surgery to achieve the look.

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Whilst there’s no problem with wanting to make a few enhancements, it seems more and more poorly- qualified practitioners are taking advantage of vulnerable and ill-informed patients.

Our public healthcare system is in turmoil but we should hope that any private procedures we undergo be it medical or plastic, should be carried out to the very highest standard.

In the meantime, people wishing to undergo procedures should do their due-diligence and extensive research before choosing a surgeon.

Often the old adage rings true, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. If the price of a surgery sounds suspiciously cheap, you are right to question it because good surgery does cost a lot of money. From consultations to anesthesia, the surgery itself, medication and after-care, it all adds up.

How to verify your plastic surgeon

With the egregious amount of news surrounding non-plastic surgeon doctors inflicting botched procedures on their unsuspecting patients it is critical for patients to know the right way to find and verify the credentials of a board-certified plastic surgeon. Before booking a cosmetic procedure, there are five things each patient should do to verify their plastic surgeon’s credentials.

  • Check their certification – Always ask to see your surgeons medical certificates and credentials. Check with the relevant certifying organisation that’s responsible for accrediting plastic surgeons.
  • Find out if your surgeon’s facility is accredited – Find out as much as you can about the facility that the procedure is being carried out at. Inspect the facility of surgery centers for patient safety and care.
  • Search for them – Many surgeons are listed online and there are resources that provide information on procedures and surgeons. Make sure you research thoroughly.

If after all these, you’re not convinced then go with your gut. An ideal body is not worth risking your life.

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