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IPOB Says Nnamdi Kanu Rejected FG’s Bribe




The Independent People Of Biafra, IPOB has alleged a plot by Federal Government officials to undermine the struggle for Biafra by offering a mouthwatering bribe to its leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

Affirming that the quest for freedom cannot be undermined by cash, IPOB in a statement on Thursday said the Igbo were not beyond any other group of Nigerians despite what it claimed were the continuing marginalization of the people by the Muhammadu Buhari regime.

The statement issued by the group’s spokesman, Emma Powerful while alluding to attempts to bribe IPOB leader, Mazi Kanu, read in part:

“Without speaking for other proponents of self determination, we know that the federal government of Nigeria has been making frantic but fruitless efforts to induce the leadership of IPOB with money to possibly drop the quest for Biafran restoration. Federal Government has severally, but without success, attempted to buy over our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, making him some irresistible offers.

“However, if there were any irresponsible person or ‘Efulefus’ parading self as Igbo leader that accepted their offer, we can assure them that such ‘Efulefus’ cannot penetrate IPOB. IPOB is not, has never been, and will never be interested in the crumbs from Federal government of Nigeria.

“We also wish to remind the Presidency, that only a certified and unconscionable moron will ever equate money to the motive behind the growing agitation for self determination across Nigeria. If money is what we want, we know what to do to get more money. How many times in the past did our leader reject your financial inducements?

“If you know those people that asked the Buhari government for money, we are begging you to please publish their names. As a people, Biafrans are enterprising and we don’t think we are behind any region in terms of affluence and economic security despite the oppressive policies of this 97 percent versus 5 percent government targeted against our hardworking illustrious sons and daughters and the monopolistic tendencies of the present government in favour of the Fulani’s.

IPOB: FG Bribe Cannot Stop Agitation For Freedom

“Our aim for Biafra agitation is freedom! We are tired of sharing a geographical space with terrorists. We are tired of being ruled by government officials who dine and wine with terrorists but brutalise and kill law abiding freedom fighters. We are tired of being ruled by a government that pays ransom to bandits, frees terrorists but jails unarmed protesters. We are tired of oppressive government that promotes nepotism and injustice.

“Nothing can change our resolve to free Biafra from the Nigeria bondage. No amount of propaganda by Government can make us change our mind. In case Shehu and his Presidency don’t know, BIAFRA is more imminent than they think. The night is far spent, and the new dawn is almost here with the Rising Sun of our great nation at the threshold!

“The threat by the Presidency to order military operation to crush ‘the animals’ disturbing the peace in South East, has simply confirmed our alarm all the while that the Federal government is one sponsoring the escalating insecurity in the zone to provide an excuse for another military operation to kill more innocent Biafrans. It’s only unfortunate that the political elite for their selfish interests have failed to realise this.

“We therefore urge the Presidency to first crush the bandits and terrorists overrunning the entire North and middle Belt before embarking on any military operation in the South East, otherwise they may have to prepare very well.”

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