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Nigerian Gets Special UK Visa After 16 Rejections From UK, US, Canadian Universities

By Wendy Joseph



Special Visa

A Nigerian engineer, Ifeanyi Obi, who applied 16 times unsuccessfully for a master’s degree in the US, UK, and Canadian universities has in a turn of fortune now been offered a Special Visa to come to the United Kingdom after inventing a software.

Engr. Ifeanyi Obi graduated with a Second Class Lower Degree in a Nigerian University but got his applications to U.S., U.K. and Canadian universities rejected 16 times.

However, being undeterred, he applied to study in another European University, precisely Cyprus and succeeded.

He not only finished with a higher honor but he became the best student of the of the year as he also bagged a placement for PhD studies.

After four years, Obi became an associate professor and had his software, BuildTech, approved by a U.K. body and consequently got a special Visa to establish a lab in London.

His story on his Linked-in page reads in part “I graduated with honours 2:2 for my undergraduate studies, which wasn’t an excellent feat. This was due to personal issues and strangely struggles against a word spoken to me by Prophet that I won’t do well academically if ever I chose that path”.

“I applied to 3 Universities in the U.K. for my Masters Studies and got rejected. With that I applied to other Universities in USA, Canada and got rejected as well. With over 16 rejections I proceeded with great determination to Cyprus to study”.

“Last year my software in BuildTech got approved by the U.K. endorsement body and this year obtained an Innovator Migrant Visa to establish a software lab in London…”.

Obi also shared on his Instagram page that he recently gained his academic promotion as an associate professor of Construction technology from the American University of Cyprus.

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