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COVID-19 Quarantine Bus Crash In China Claims 27 Lives



China Bus Crash

A bus crash has claimed the lives of twenty-seven passengers in southwest China on their way to a Covid-19 quarantine facility.

According to local authorities, this is the country’s deadliest road accident this year.

The crash occurred on a highway in rural Guizhou province when the vehicle carrying 47 people “flipped onto its side,” according to Sandu county police in a social media statement.

Police said that twenty people were being treated for injuries and that emergency responders had been dispatched to the remote Qiannan prefecture.

Later Sunday, the Guizhou government confirmed that the vehicle was “transporting people linked to the epidemic to quarantine” from Guiyang, the provincial capital, and that the accident occurred around 2:40 a.m. (1840 GMT).

“At the moment, on-site rescue work is essentially finished, the treatment of the injured and aftercare of the deceased are being carried out in an orderly manner, and the cause of the accident is being investigated,” the local government said in a social media statement.

It was unclear whether the passengers had Covid, were close contacts, or lived in the same building as virus patients.

Guizhou has seen over 900 new infections in the last two days, and Guiyang, which has a population of six million people, was closed down earlier this month.

Photos were widely shared on social media. A gold-colored passenger bus with its top completely crumpled was towed by a truck on Sunday.

Another viral photo showed the bus driving at night, with the driver and passengers dressed in hazmat suits, which are still worn in China to protect against COVID-19.

The photos could not be verified by AFP.

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