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Muslim-Muslim Ticket: APC Has No Plan For Northern Christians In National Assembly – Babachir Lawal



Lawal Work Tinubu

Former Secretary to the Government of the Federation Babachir Lawal has said that the APC does not have a plan to have a Northern Christian in the National Assembly contrary to the claims of assuaging that population after the election over the Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket.

According to him the APC has already ensured that there would be no Northern Christian as a ranking senator or member of the House of Representatives against the backroom assurances being given by the Bola Tinubu campaign.

Babachir Lawal, a former SGF made the allegation in a press release made available to journalists.

While noting the propaganda being undertaken by the APC to undermine the opposition to the Muslim-Muslim ticket including the recruitment of Judases, he said that the APC campaign has no intention of recognizing Northern Christians in any serious position in government.

He said:

“But belying this posture is the reality of their true intentions not to have any roles for northern Christians in their government. The unarguable fact is that they intend to offer nothing of significance to any northern Christian in an APC government anticipated to be led by Bola and Kashim.

“The reality of their zoning arrangement is that the North East region is already out of the equation for any other posts because it has the Vice Presidency while the North Central too is out because they have the party’s National Chairmanship. The other key positions, The Senate President, the Speaker, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation and Chief of Staff to the President positions have been zoned to the North West, South South, South East and South West regions respectively.

Asserting that there is no plan to have a Northern Christian in the National Assembly leadership despite the Muslim-Muslim ticket uproar, Babachir Lawal continued:

“Besides, we all know that there is and will be no ranking Christian Senator or House of Rep member from the North West that could occupy the seats of Senate President, Speaker or even their deputies. In any case, it is an open secret that they never allow Christians to occupy such positions in the North West Zone even if there is a qualified Christian.

“Who then do they think they are fooling with this their “there are other positions in government that could go to the northern Christians” mantra? If Kashim Shetima worked determinedly with Bola Tinubu’s acquiescence to deny the northern Christians the Deputy National Chairman (North) position during the party’s National Convention, what magic will then compel them to give a northern Christian any significant posts in their government? Let us make no mistake about it; these guys will persecute us to no end. They are very well practiced in this.

“My dear Christians, it has been clear to us from the onset that APC, Bola and Kashim never had the intention or plan that offers the Northern Christians any sense of inclusion through any tangible roles in their government.

“Those with major political influence on them are mostly religious bigots of the hegemonist flavor and some self-centered sycophants of the evil kind. So instead of reconciliation which would involve offering some important positions to Northern Christians, they have decided to go for broke and ignore the interests of Christians of the north. And, broken they will be indeed. We noticed this trend in APC right from its registration in 2014 up to the 2022 convention where the overriding goal seemed to have been to exclude northern Christians from all the organs of the party.

“How anyone expects APC to win the 2023 presidential election under this climate befuddles the mind. I do not know why this saying keeps coming to mind: “those whom the gods want to destroy, they first make mad” but it bears restating. It is a pity that Bola has chosen to throw away the Presidency which was within his easy reach to grab.

“As for us northern Christians and other Nigerians who share in our vision of a united and peaceful Nigeria devoid of tribal and religious exclusion, we will continue with our struggle and are very very confident of victory.”

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