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Five Fruits/Drink You Should Avoid When Breaking Fast



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With many in different religious beliefs currently on a New Year fast, cautions on fruits and drinks to avoid when breaking a fast are indeed important. reports on five fruits and drinks that should be avoided when breaking a fast.  


Ebonyi state governement lodge Abuja

 Alcohol is also a no-go after fasting. This is because the body absorbs the alcohol faster when your tummy is empty and this could lead to alcohol intoxication especially since the body does not have the chance to break the alcohol down as quickly as it is consumed.

 Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks should also not be the first thing you consume after a fast. This is because this can lead to a bloated stomach and also increase the acidic condition of the stomach.


Another food you should not use to break your fast are sweets. Taking in sugar just after fasting is bad because the body at this time cannot produce enough insulin to maintain its normal levels in the blood. This can in turn lead to dire consequences such as eye diseases or disruption of the acid-alkaline balance.

 Fruit juice

One should also avoid the use of fruit juice to break a fast as it can lead to issues such as constipation, acidity and stomach pain.

Diet soda

Some experts do suggest steering clear of diet soda or other drinks that contain artificial sweeteners. But others are of different opinion claiming that unless you’re consuming really large amounts of sweetener all the time, it’s probably okay.

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