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How Obidients Harassed Obaseki Out Of Market (Video)



Impeach Obaseki market

Governor Godwin Obaseki on Tuesday was faced with a hostile reaction when he took his campaign for votes in the forthcoming House of Assembly elections to Uwelu Spare Parts Market in Benin and was harassed out by Obidients.

The governor was turned out with boos by Obidients who drowned him out with shouts of Obi! Obi!! Obi!!! reports that the Labour Party and the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC swept the polls in Edo State during the National Assembly elections leaving the PDP for the first time without a seat in the Edo State delegation to the 10th National Assembly.

The governor is now faced with the prospect of not having solid representation in the House of Assembly, posing a fear of impeachment for him.

The unfriendly reaction Governor Obaseki faced at the Spare Parts market from the Obidients has now spurned reactions with some saying that the mostly Igbo traders were hostile. Others, however, disagreed that the traders including Edo and Igbo traders showed their bias against the governor irrespective of tribe.

The governor has alleged that his foes are determined to instigate his impeachment through controlling the House of Assembly and bringing to a halt what he claims as his reforms in the state and hence his continuing move to mobilise support for his candidates in the PDP.

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