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Tweeps Denounce Viral Video Of ‘Labour Party’ Agents Buying BVAS Machine As Fake

Onyinyechukwu Chima



Labour Party EU

A viral video circulating on social media, showing two men in a car crowded with Nigerians, accusing them of buying BVAS codes has aroused strong comments on social media. When questioned and asked to show their ID cards, A woman screams ”its Labour Party oo”.

However, these allegations were not well received on social media. Supporters of Labour Party claimed it was a set up and that people should desist from spreading fake news. has gathered the tweets;

CECO @Cecorule
Even your president select posted an old picture today. Lying to liars like you that he Cast a vote. Now, you have to upload an acting video to compromise LP. Funny, we the Labour Party have captured your actor’s face. He will be persecuted. Be ready to defend him. Olodo

Olasupo Jakes – Bsc (Hons), RPN @JakesOlasupo
Do you think we don’t know that this is a continuation of the Iya Shukudi movie? 🤡

OTP @Otyjonah
He is trying to buy the BVAS code? Same code INEC officials said they were not given from the RAs? We’re they trying to buy from the spirit or who?😂😂The INEC codes can’t be bought bcos you have to either use it on the BVAS or must have had d results of the elections with you.

Hon. Jossy Ibe™@RealJossyIbe
Lies and Staged by APC.. Do not allow what happen in the Arab spring to happen in Nigeria.. I see it loading..

Some of us younger lawyers really looked to you as a beacon of light in the Legal profession. You have however turned out to be a colossal disgrace to the inner bar, legal profession and your family. All for pecuniary gains

😂 so the persons waited and submitted their ID cards for them to be identified as LP agents before they could run off ?

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