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“Being An Entrepreneur In Nigeria, Isn’t Easy” – Toyin Lawani Cries Out



Toyin Lawani, a prominent fashion entrepreneur, has recently spoken out about the challenges of running a business in Nigeria amidst the current crisis.

In a social media post, she expressed her frustrations with various aspects of entrepreneurship in the country.

Lawani, who is known for her innovative fashion designs and has been featured in major fashion shows both locally and internationally, spoke about the difficulties of dealing with transfer issues, customers, deliveries, and incompetent staff who act like they are doing her a favor.

She also mentioned the challenge of dealing with crafty humans, ungrateful beings, and those who want to get paid for doing nothing.

The fashion entrepreneur went on to highlight the impact of the country’s current economic crisis, which she said has made running a business in Nigeria even more challenging.

She expressed her concern that the situation could drive entrepreneurs to the brink of insanity, making them feel like giving up on a daily basis.

She wrote:

If you are doing business in Nigeria You need to be on low cut,Dreadlocks or all back, so that you can be pouring water on your head regularly So that you won’t run mad From transfer issues, To customers issues To deliveries issues, To incompetent staff issues that you pay and act like they are doing you a favor, To crafty humans daily, To ungrateful beings, Plus the ones that just put their legs up and want to get paid. And the situation of the country will drive you nuts, And make you feel like giving up daily ENTREPRENEUR LIFE AINT EASY”.

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