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Former Husband’s Presence At Camilla’s Coronation Sets New Direction For Monarchy On Divorce



Parker Bowles Camilla
Andrew Parker Bowles arriving for the coronation

83-year-old former husband of Queen Camilla, Brigadier Andrew Parker Bowles and his family were present at the coronation of King Charles III and the new queen reports.

The presence of the former spouse of the new queen has easily shattered ancient age traditions and perceptions against divorce by British royalty.

The royal line fell on to King George V after his brother, King Edward VIII abandoned the throne for the American divorcee, Wallis Simpson and his memory was quickly eradicated from the British establishment as he went on to live with the woman he loved in exile. reports that Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother apparently never forgave Edward as she believes that her husband was forced to become king and that quickened his death on account of the abandonment of royal duty by the former king, Edward.

Her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II compensated for that by upholding duty for 70 years but in her time the abhorrence for divorce overtime was shattered. reports that Queen Elizabeth II stopped President John Kennedy’s wife’s sister from a visit because she was a divorcee and Princess Anne, the Princess Royal was reportedly stopped from marrying a divorcee.

King Charles and Camilla at the balcony of Buckingham Palace

However, all that was shattered in 2005 when the then Prince of Wales, Charles married Camilla who divorced her husband, Parker Bowles in 1995.

As part of the restrictions, Queen Elizabeth had decreed that she would not be queen but be queen consort. But that appeared to be swept aside on Saturday at the coronation.

Camilla had been a hate figure in the 1990s for allegedly breaking the marriage of Prince Charles and Diana, the queen of hearts. Just 25 years ago when she was asked if she thought she would ever be queen, she had abruptly retorted, “you must be joking.”

After nearly 20 years of steadfast royal duties and without any serious controversy all the misgivings against her appeared to have been washed away with Princess Diana now quietly forgotten.

With that memory gone, it was as such no surprise that the new queen’s former husband, Andrew Parker Bowles came along for the coronation of his former wife putting to light how tradition has changed in Britain with Camilla’s advent.

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