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Poor People Most Dangerous People, Apostle Suleman



Apostle Suleman attack sponsors

Apostle Johnson Suleman of the Omega Fire Ministry has described poor people as the most dangerous people in the world.

Suleman said that most people that had come after him throwing all sorts of attacks were mostly poor people.

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Suleman said he has the capacity to grind to powder any poor person who finds his trouble but wouldn’t because God has the capacity to grind him (Suleman) to powder too.

He said, “The most dangerous people in this world are poor people. Poor people are dangerous. Poor people are ‘a set up’. I am being honest to you.

“One of the things God said when I was praying, I will give some covenant that will always guarantee you wealth. One of them is ‘be kind to the poor’. I have been doing that all my life.

“But the people that have come after me in this life are all poor people. And I have been wondering what I have done. When somebody is calling out my name on social media, go and check, it’s the poor. And I ask why don’t the rich accuse me?

“Why is it that everybody that is accusing me is broke and poor? It is because I have a covenant that I will not go after anybody that is poor?

“If you see me go after anyone, know that they have done too much. If it is a rich man, know I will come after you immediately because I know you have the capacity. But someone that has no capacity, knows they are setting you up for trouble.

“You come after them, God will come after you. You see why poor people are set up. You come after them and someone will come after you. You have the capacity to grind the person to powder but God has the capacity to grind you to powder too.

“My hands are tied. And the poor, they don’t know how to stop. The poor people are ingrate, most poor people are ingrate.”

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