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Top 30 Most Expensive Football Squads [Latest]




Manchester United have the most expensive football squad in the world according to a CIES Football Observatory report.

The CIES Football Observatory came up with this conclusion after adding up the transfer fees that each of the world’s top 100 clubs had paid for all the players who are currently in their 2023-2024 squad, including any potential add-ons.

The CIES claimed that all the players who are currently at Manchester United cost the club the sum of €1.15 billion – with €61 million spent on goalkeepers, €383 million on defenders, €296 million on midfielders and €411 million on forwards.

As expected, Chelsea are the second most expensive squad in the world as all the current players in their squad cost the club the sum of €1.13 billion.

Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain, Arsenal, and Tottenham are the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth most expensive squads in the world, respectively. City’s current squad costs the club €1.042 billion, PSG’s current squad costs the club €1 billion, Arsenal’s current squad costs the club, €836 million, while Tottenham Hotspur’s current squad is worth €829 million.

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Al-Hilal of the Saudi Pro League are the only side outside Europe that made the top 30 most expensive squads in the world with players that cost the club €382 million.

Full list below:

Manchester United – €1.15 billion

Chelsea – €1.13 billion

Manchester City – €1.042 billion

Paris Saint-Germain – €1 billion

Arsenal – €836 million

Tottenham Hotspur – €829 million

Liverpool – €770 million

Real Madrid – €708 million

Newcastle United – €661 million

West Ham United – €505 million

Aston Villa – €486 million

Bayern Munich – €481 million

Juventus – €473 million

Everton – €418 million

RB Leipzig – €399 million

Napoli – €392 million

Atletico Madrid – €387 million

Al-Hilal – €382 million

Barcelona – €375 million

Nottingham Forest – €365 million

Monaco – €364 million

Wolves – €363 million

Borussia Dortmund – €348 million

Bournemouth – €344 million

AC Milan – €332 million

Leicester City – €281 million

Bayer Leverkusen – €275 million

Crystal Palace – €274 million

Inter Milan – €255 million

Fulham – €245 million

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