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Rita Excuses Nephew Yul Edochie, Says Her Quarrel Is With ‘Drama Devil’ Judy Austin



Famous and occasionally controversial Nollywood actress Rita Edochie has offered a response to comments made by her nephew, Yul Edochie, in an online exchange excusing him and reiterating that her focus is his second wife who she described as ‘Drama Devil.’

Yul had previously voiced his displeasure, claiming that Rita had not reached out to him during his widely publicized marital challenges. He further alleged that instead of contacting him privately, she had been commenting on his marriage publicly, potentially for increased online engagement.

Rita Edochie has now addressed Yul’s comments, expressing that his words brought tears to her eyes. In her extensive response, she acknowledged Yul’s continued recognition of her as his aunty. However, Rita humorously dismissed the notion that she would exploit Yul Edochie for online traffic, asserting that Yul knows her too well to believe that.

Rita went on to express her belief that Yul had done nothing to offend her personally. She attributed his actions to the influence of his wife, Judy, suggesting that he may be under the sway of mystical forces, colloquially referred to as “Juju.”

Rita emphasized that her concern and focus are primarily centered around the woman Yul chose to marry, suggesting that until she releases him, she will remain a prominent figure in her discussions.

See post below:

See some of the replies that Rita’s post stirred online.

@ebysweden: “Well said Eze Nwanyi, our very own Queen Mother. When I read those lines, I first wanted to laugh, then I reasoned that indeed Yul our brother is not himself.”

@winniefrancesdaniels2015: “U didn’t explain to your own parents, and your wife, about your decision. You are waiting for an adult to come and ask you, when you rudely surprised everyone.”

@realucheebere: “He’s writing out of context, did he call you as his own aunt to complain to you what was going wrong in his house that made him to take the destructive decision.”

@egroeg80: “Mama, what Yul doesn’t know is that you love him too well to leave him in his mess. All this while you have never attacked him, you have always dealt with Judy.”

@judy_the_adulturous_wowan: “Mama he said you are using him to gain traffic isn’t that hilarious from someone who is using the death of a child that was tortured to death to chase clout..”

@omaani27: “The vawulence is already on buh the page still doesn’t support vawulence. Mama please come and be my aunty in law please. I wish to have someone like you.”

@fiercevee_: “If i was judy i will quit this marriage….they say go where you are celebrated……but judy went where she’s being dragged and humiliated.”

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