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Manhood Thief Nabbed, Gives Chilling Confession (Video)




In a shocking incident a man in Northern Nigeria has been caught and confessed to being a manhood thief leaving the local community and social media in awe of the frightening dimensions of the reality of an industry that was once thought as only existing in the imagination.

This came after a young man named Umar took to social media to recount the bizarre encounter where he alleges his manhood was stolen by a stranger in a bustling market.

In a video shared online, Umar described how a stranger, posing as a friendly individual of the Hausa affiliation, approached him with the customary Arabic greeting, “As-Salaam-Alaikum,” meaning “Peace be unto you.”

After exchanging pleasantries and a handshake, Umar felt a sudden jolt of electricity. Alarmed, he checked his private parts and discovered they had significantly reduced in size. To confirm his fears, he went to urinate and found his manhood drastically altered.

The accused, identified as Suleiman Isiaka, was swiftly captured by the public, restrained, and subjected to physical assault. Astonishingly, Isiaka allegedly confessed to stealing Umar’s private part and assured him it would be returned later that evening, between 4:30 and 5 pm.

This peculiar incident has sent shockwaves through the local community, with residents expressing a mix of disbelief and fear. The story rapidly spread across social media platforms, sparking intense discussions and debate about the authenticity of the claims and the safety of individuals in public spaces.

Watch video below:

While the incident remains shrouded in mystery, the arrest of the manhood thief and that he confessed serve as a reminder of the strange and unexpected events that can unfold in everyday life, leaving people both puzzled and intrigued.

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