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Korra Obidi Opens New War Front With Ex As Daughter Faces Expulsion From US School (Video)



Korra Obidi school fees

Nigerian-American dancer and singer Korra Obidi has raised concerns about her ex-husband, Justin Dean, allegedly failing to contribute to their children’s financial support, including health care and school fees.

Korra claimed that she recently received a notice from their daughter, June’s school, indicating that Justin had not paid his portion of her school fees, potentially leading to her expulsion.

Expressing her frustration, Korra Obidi mentioned that she has been covering June’s school fees since July and only became aware of Justin’s non-payment when the school alerted her. She emphasized that she is not seeking alimony or child support but is urging Justin to fulfill his financial responsibilities by paying his share.

Korra revealed that despite her efforts to maintain the children’s well-being, Justin has allegedly not contributed to their support. She stated, “I have receipts of the payment. I have no business with this man if it is not for my daughters.”

In her plea, Korra stressed the importance of Justin paying his 50% share, expressing gratitude for her independence while highlighting the need for him to fulfill his obligations towards their children.

Watch the video below;

The video by Korra Obidi over the unpaid school fees has sparked discussions about co-parenting responsibilities and financial contributions in separated families.
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