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Online Stir As Korra Obidi’s Mother Covers Dancer’s Nakedness In New Video



Korra Obidi foster

Renowned Nigerian dancer and singer, Korra Obidi, has stirred a significant online reaction after a racy video surfaced, showcasing her provocative dance moves and interaction with her foster mother.

Having been without a biological mother since childhood, Korra recently shared a video celebrating her birthday on social media.

In the trending video, Korra captivates viewers with her distinctive dance style, going a step further by revealing her thighs and lifting one leg. As the dance reached a moment where her backside was almost exposed, her attentive foster mother swiftly intervened, pulling down her dress to avert any unintended exposure.

This incident has ignited discussions online, with netizens expressing varied opinions on the provocative nature of the dance and the protective response of Korra’s foster mother. The video has become a focal point of attention, emphasizing the dynamics of self-expression and personal boundaries within the realm of social media.

Korra Obidi’s journey, marked by her talent in dance and music, has often been intertwined with personal aspects of her life. This recent episode adds another layer to her online presence, prompting reflections on the intersection of artistic expression, personal celebrations, and the nuances of sharing such moments in the digital age.

Watch the video below:

See aome reactions below:

Style_kulture wrote: “Don’t throw away the baby and the bath water!!!

I love mothers….be anything you want to be,they’ll love you like that while praying for a better version of you. She won’t kill her exposing so much skin on the internet but she’ll try to cover her nakedness for this one she’s doing right in front of her 😁

Aaaah!!! Mothers are lovable”

olarewaju_debbie remarked: “It’s her selfless mother’s love for me! You can tell that irrespective of how negative you people feel about her, she’s got a mother’s genuine and non judgmental love 🔥🙌❤️😍”

shedrach_okoro noted: “Women supporting women, even she’s naked una go still support 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄”

ka_chee penned: “Mummy still dey cover her body… Happy birthday Ma”

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