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Kicked Out Of Her Home Over Adultery Allegations, Korra Obidi Confesses “I Have Many Boys Who Satisfy Me” (Video)

By Benjamin Abioye



Korra on her

Controversial Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi, has said she is not searching for a new partner, despite her divorce from her ex-husband, Justin Dean.

She said she is more focused on making money.

Appearing on a episode of the ‘Heroe’s Diary’ podcast, the mother of two explained that she isn’t bothered about remarrying, emphasising that she has “many boys” who satisfy her sexual urges.

She said, “Serious Nigerian woman when I marry the man becomes my life. So now I’m trying to put that energy into making money so I don’t end up homeless like I was. I know that nobody is coming to save me in a in a knight and shining armour so I need to focus on the money.”

Obidi also frowned at the actions of those who are pinning her to her failed marriage, noting that it has been over two years since her divorce.

“I want to make a public service announcement. I’m not the only person that got married in Nigeria. In fact, my marriage was not even public. All you people saw was one post on Instagram: ‘Korra is taken.’ You people are now carrying the marriage to tie my legs. It has been two years [since my divorce], please leave me alone. I am single as a dollar bill. And I am not searching. I have many boys that service me.”

Recall that one of the allegations raised against Korra Obidi in the divorce case with her ex-husband, Justin Dean was his claim that she cheated on him, though he didn’t say if boys were also involved.

In a trending video, Dean claimed that Korra had an affair with her friend’s husband while she was five months pregnant and presented purported WhatsApp messages between Korra and the man as evidence.

Watch Korra’s video below:

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