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Outrage As Video Of Doctor Punching 82-Year-Old Patient During Eye Surgery Emerges (Video)



A shocking video has surfaced, revealing a disturbing incident where a Chinese surgeon allegedly punched his 82-year-old patient in the face three times during eye surgery.

Although the event transpired in 2019, the footage recently went viral on Chinese social media, provoking widespread outrage.

The incident occurred at a hospital in Guigang, a southwestern Chinese city, and prompted immediate investigation by hospital authorities. In response to the video, the surgeon involved has been suspended, and the CEO of the hospital has been dismissed.

According to statements from the hospital’s parent group, Aier China, the surgeon resorted to violence because the elderly patient was reportedly moving excessively during the surgery. The patient, under local anesthesia, allegedly showed intolerance, moving her head and eyeballs despite warnings given in Mandarin, creating an emergency situation, as explained in Aier China’s statement.

Watch the video below;

The patient suffered bruises on her forehead as a result of the reported attack. The hospital’s management issued an apology for the incident and compensated the patient with 500 yuan (approximately £55), according to the patient’s son. However, local news reports indicate that the elderly woman is now blind in her left eye, though it remains unclear whether this blindness resulted from the incident or other factors.

The parent company, Aier China, expressed further discontent, revealing that the hospital staff failed to promptly report the incident to headquarters. Consequently, the CEO of the facility was dismissed, and the surgeon, who also serves as the hospital dean, was suspended due to “serious violations of the group’s regulations.”

The controversy gained widespread attention after prominent Chinese doctor Ai Fen shared CCTV footage of the surgery online, causing it to go viral on Weibo, China’s closely-watched social media platform. The incident raises concerns about patient safety and ethical conduct within the medical profession, prompting a broader conversation about accountability and oversight in healthcare institutions.
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