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Fears For Nollywood Icon, Zack Orji Over Roles In Ritual Movies (Video)



Concerns have heightened for Nollywood veteran Zack Orji as an old prophecy, predicting dire circumstances for the actor, has resurfaced in light of his recent health struggles and roles in rituals in his past films.

In a chilling video, a prophetic voice known for making unusual revelations during interviews issued a warning to Zack Orji about impending catastrophes especially over his role in ritual movies. The prophet specifically cautioned the actor about evil forces conspiring to afflict him with disease and shame.

Notably, Zack Orji has often been seen in Nollywood films cast in money ritual roles.

The prophetic message urged the actor to exercise caution and take preventive measures against the ominous events that were foretold. Unfortunately, it seems that the prophecy may have materialized, as Zack Orji was recently admitted to the hospital and underwent brain surgery.

Watch the video below;

This revelation has stirred discussions about the intriguing intersection of prophecy and reality, with fans expressing deep concern for Zack Orji as against his roles in rituals in films. The resurfaced prophecy adds an eerie layer to the actor’s current health challenges, prompting reflections on the unpredictability of life in the limelight.
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